In today’s constantly evolving data processing and communication requirements and challenges, the effectiveness, adaptability, and scalability of IT infrastructure has many facets, not least of which is environmental stability, and therefore the need for a suitable precision air conditioning solution.
Precision air conditioning is about the regulation of temperature, humidity and air flow in, and specific to, the IT environment, and A-TECH specializes in providing highly controlled, and energy efficient solutions based on Chilled Water, Air, or Water/Glycol cooling methods, and incorporating a level of redundancy and scalability as appropriate.
Application can incorporate a mix of various methods including: In-Row Cooling, Hot Aisle Containment, Rack Air Distribution and direct Rack Air Removal.

  • In-Row Cooling: Efficiently ensures proper air flow paths by closely coupling cooling with heat load, circulating and cooling air from hot aisle to cold aisle locally.
  • Hot Aisle Containment: Complete separation of supply and return air by enclosing hot aisle, ensuring maximum efficiency by returning the warmest possible air to the cooling unit.
  • Rack Air Distribution: Draws cooled air directly from a raised floor and distributes up through an enclosure, and also prevents hot exhaust air recirculation.
  • Rack Air Removal: Transfers heat from a densely packed enclosure direct to an overhead plenum.

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